Using Facebook, the new way (via Terminal)

osx-terminalBored with the old Facebook Interface? Well, here something you would love to try. I can’t imagine if this could go any geekier (if there’s a word as such ). Using Facebook with Terminal¬†( because is too mainstream :D) .
Facebook can be used via Terminal and I have to say, its pretty awesome.

Php5 allows us to use fbcmd command to do almost anything in CLI using terminal as we do in the normal GUI mode. fbcmd command can be setup in linux machine using the following steps:

1. The First step would be to install php 5 on your linux machine.

In Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install php5 php5-cli

For RedHat and CentOS:

here’s a simple guide on how to install php5

2. After you are done with the installation, next thing you need to do is, get the fbcmd installation file. You can get the installation file using the command below:


or just click here to download the file.

3. After you have downloaded the fbcmd_update.php file, you can now install it using the command:

sudo php fbcmd_update.php install

Now you are almost ready. The only thing you need to do is verify fcbmd that you can access your Facebook account and add some required permissions to complete the process.


You have to follow those three simple steps then off you go. You can now use Facebook with terminal. Cool isn’t it??

  • Avishek Chongwang

    Is there any way I can download Ubuntu within the shortest time? Say 2-3 hours?
    I’m on ADSL unlimited.

    • Yes, but it depends on how much download speed you get. The ISO files are available for download on the internet, which sizes about 700 MB.