It Is Still JellyBean Not Key Lime Pie

techtach_jellybean vs KeylimepieEvery one is excited to know the name of the next Android update, and many are busy guessing whether it is going to be a Key lime Pie or not.The Previous Android versions came with codename Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and current major update is JellyBean 4.2. The Android versions are released in alphabetical order of the codename since ’09.
Only 3 weeks is left for the big Android update, which is typically announced annually at Google I/O, and there is a rumor that the next update will be Jellybean 4.3 not Key Lime Pie and whether the release will be Android 5.* or 4.*the rumor might be true in coming weeks.

According to passionate tech blogger Artem Russakovskii, the next version will be Jelly Bean 4.3 not Key Lime Pie as we expect. Artem is also a die-hard Android fan and he confidently says that Google is Currently working on Android 4.3 i.e still Jelly Bean not Key Lime Pie as he discovered the build floating on their server logs was Android 4.3 JWR23B of Nexus 4 and 7.


He make sure that the server logs were not fake as the IP he traced (2 IP) both corresponds to Google employees. Further more, looking for more clues, there were several comments in the official Chromium bug tracker revealing JWR23B as a build number, giving more credibility to this finding. And the commenter were non other than the chromium developer which added plus point to Artem’s theory. And also Reddit user danrant commented with a whole bunch of other evidence that points to an JellyBean release rather than Key Lime Pie.

Here are some Artems great points acc to his theory:

Google doesn’t assign version numbers to Android releases until a short time before they’re set to be unveiled. We’re talking weeks or a couple of months max.
Google does not assign version numbers to internal/test releases. Those are usually called something like JellyBeanMR1 and then assigned proper versions number when they’re close to release.
Android 4.3 started appearing in the logs recently, while Android 5.X is nowhere to be found, and neither are any K***** builds.

Artem still cannot say confidently that the next release will be JellyBean 4.3 or Key Lime Pie. Everyone is interested to see what comes 4.* or 5.* and it is not too far Google I/O will tell us in 3 weeks. So what do you expect, a JellyBean 4.3 or Key Lime Pie 5.*?