Google Drive Increases Free Storage to 15 GB | Drive, Gmail, Google+ Pics

Just a week before the Google I/O, google surprised internet users by announcing that the storage capacity of google to store files is increased from 5 GB to 15GB, shared across GPlus, Gmail and Drive and will be rolled over the next few weeks. Previously Google offered 5GB for Drive, 10GB for Gmail and another 5GB for google plus Photos, but now they are combined across its three different services which is good news. Storing and sharing files in the cloud is now much easier and comfortable as google products working well together.


Google Drive

You can upgrade the default Drive Storage plan from 15 GB to 100 GB or 200 GB, but its not free you need to pay some dollars to google. For 100 GB Storage plans $4.99 per month and for 200 GB $9.99 per month.

Google Apps users will also be getting shared storage within few weeks, they will be getting 30GB unified storage to use like between Drive and Gmail. Gmail inboxes for Google Apps customers are no longer limited to 25 GB — any additional storage you purchase can be shared and used by Gmail.


With this announcement you won’t need to worry about how much and where you are storing, no need to lump up drive storage limit. Its a combined storage space, and you can use it as you want.

  • Maksym Kozub

    Previously Google offered 5GB for Drive, 10GB for Gmail and another 5GB for google plus Photos…

    This is wrong. It used to be 10 GB for Gmail, and 5 GB shared between Google Drive and Google+ Photos.

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