Hardware Geek Makes His Own Personal Google Glass named Flass- [Hacks]

fake Glass

Ash Williams hardware geeks member of Australian PC hardware community forum has made his own Personal Google Glass which is named as Flass combined name of “Fake” and “Glass“. Flass is designed as a clone of “Google Glass” completely including the User Interface too. It is powered by a Nokia N9 phone switched from Samsung Galaxy Si9000 to run off purely on the UI being far better for a small display. It has TV-out feature of the phone feeds the eye display, which is mounted on a set of real glasses using cable ties. It also includes a Bluetooth keyword and Bluetooth earpiece.


Ash-Williams, has gone through  four iteration of Flass [Flass 1.0, Flass 2.0, Flass 3.0 and Flass 4.0]. Flass 4.0 is his final concept after refining a proper universal mount, he says that this ver 4.0 is purely designed for his personal usage but the second version 2.0 is designed for pubic. Ash is currently working on another prototype, hopefully with an integrated camera. He also has a 3D-printed version of the Google Glass frame on its way, meaning this clone could soon look a lot more like Google Glass. Flass is not  as cool as Google Glass, but it do work as the Google Glass. Currently, the Flass system is controlled by a small keyboard.

Hopefully this week Version 5.0 will start taking form! This version will likely be the last one I make of my personal version before moving to one that anyone can put on their head – Ash Williams.

Here are some photos of Flass Verion 1-4: (Image Credit – Ash Williams)

flash 1.00

img0539doVersion 1.0

flash 2.0.3232jpg flash 2.0


Version 2.0

flash 3.0.2jpg

flash 3.0

flash 33232.0

Version 3.0



flash 4.00

flash 4.000

Version 4.0