Make a simple JavaScript Code Cleaner. [Source Code]

It has been long since I last posted a tutorial. Today’s tutorials is created upon request to show you how a basic JavaScript Code cleaner


Especially in past, I have had problems reading those JavaScript codes found on the internet that lacked proper indentation and line breaks. JavaScript Code Cleaner or any other code beautifiers can be found widely used and quite common on the internet. These are the used to clean the ugly/unreadable code to beautifully indent and clean them for better understanding.

Primitive JavaScript Code Cleaner

The Coding:

I sat down coding a simple JavaScript Cleaner and it took me 2 long hours even to code a simple, primitive Cleaner ( I am not that much of a Javascript person myself ).

*It adds required Indentations.

*Clarifies the code for better Understating.

*No Color Codes are used.

I have added as many useful comments as I could.