How does Website Work over Internet

pagesHave you ever wondered how web pages works? Do you want to know about the science of web pages. Today everyone knows the term websites and webpages (Thats because website contain ocean of knowledge and do everything from informing a college term paper to sending a purchase straight to your doorstep.) but you might not  know the science behind it. You use different social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google plus daily and even browse youtube to watch videos.


But how does it all work? How does it come to your local computer and from where? If you’ve ever wanted to know how it actually happens then today i’m going to explain a little about it. Website basically contains multimedia files like images, videos, documents, texts and codes like html, css and JavaScript. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript then great, if you have not heard about it then you can read about it below.

html css jsHTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is nothing just a language or say schema that describes how web page should be made. HTML contains explicit commands for formatting example: <b> means start boldface mode</b> <i>means italics mode</i>. You can change font colors, create titles, embed graphics, videos and animations. And these pages are viewed with a program called browser which you are now using to read this article. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another markup language that describes the look and formatting of a document. CSS are just like the clothes we wear. Just like we get a new looks with different clothes HTML pages get new looks with different CSS. Without CSS html page looks messy. JavaScript is server side scripting programming language which is mostly used in web browsers, which allows client side scripts to interact with the users and communicate asynchronously. nowadays It is used in mobile applications, games and desktop applications too.

The browser acts as an interpreter behind the scenes, Markup language and scripting language which are written instructs browser to perform the required action like where to browse files and what to do next ,where to go and what to request.


Web Server

Every thing that displays in the computer screen when we enter the url of any websites like or need to be stored in a computer. Like we store music, pictures, videos and document on our machine those files are also need to be stored in a very powerful computer with huge memory sized disks which are called servers. Just remember the whole website is stored in a server meaning they serve upon our request. Their main purpose is to store the content and deliver that content upon our request.

We need to buy the space on the server to build the website. Webhosting company like bluehost provide the space on the server to which we can upload the html, php files, image, videos, documents and other so that any one from anywhere on the world can view that website content or files.

Domain Name Server Work

Actually the computer uses the DNS server to lookup the domain name that we are browsing. There is another server named DNS (Domain Name Server) whose task is to resolve the domain name into an ip address. You may have save your friends phone number in a mobile phone with a name. for eg. say Harry +977-984-1222222. and you don’t dial a phone number directly because its hard to remember phone number in the contact list right?, instead you search the name and press dial key and the phone is dialed to his actual number but not name. Same thing happens in DNS, it maps the domains name to ip addresses from a massive database. Just remember DNS as a phone book, revealing the server ip address tied to a domain name.

And finally it reach to the actual server where the pages and files are stored and the server serves by delivering the right content to the browser.