Setup Raspberry PI B+ without Display and Keyboard [Complete Guide]

I got my first Raspberry Pi 10 days after i ordered from ebay. I was so excited with my raspberry pi and ready to get started with it. I downloaded the NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) OS install manager from official website. But then wait! i had no HDMI cable (& HDMI monitor), USB keyboard and USB mouse to connect. Only thing i had was a 16GB microSD card that contains NOOBS and i want to install Raspbian without display, keyboard and mouse. And i did it after following some tutorials on raspberry pi forums:

Here is what i did:

Make sure you have microSD card (4GB or greater), a laptop, MicroSD card reader and NOOBS latest release download.

1. If your sd card is not formatted then format using SDFormatter with option “FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT” set to “ON” to format the entire SD Card as FAT32 file system.

2. Unzip the NOOBS and copy it to SD card.

3. We are going to install Raspbian OS so DELETE all folders except Raspbian inside os folder on the SD Card (folders Arch, RaspBMC, Pidora, OpenELEC, RISC_OS, and data_partition for NOOBS 1.3.7. And only Data_Partition for NOOBS 1.3.10).

4. Let’s edit the file \os\Raspbian\flavours.json Make sure it has only “Raspbian” (not “Raspbian – Boot to Scratch”) in the json file.

"flavours": [
"name": "Raspbian",
"description": "A Debian wheezy port, optimised for the Raspberry Pi"

Delete the extra file(s) that your text editor may produce (such as a .bak file).

5. Since we are going to silent install Raspbian OS, lets edit recovery.cmdline file and append silentinstall in the argument list, such that it becomes

runinstaller quiet vt.cur_default=1 coherent_pool=6M elevator=deadline silentinstall

Delete the extra file(s) that your text editor may produce (such as a .bak file).

6. Now insert the SD card into Raspberry Pi, make sure the ethernet cable is connected and has internet connection. My ethernet cable was connected with my home router and has DHCP ebabled so that it automatically assign ip to raspberry pi.

7. Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour to make sure leave it for 1 hour.
After installation you will see new ip on LAN interface setting of your router.

8. SSH is installed default in latest release Noobs (not in NOOBS 1.3.10 ).
SSH to the Raspberry Pi using the ipaddress found in router LAN interface with username pi as:
username: pi
password: raspberry

ssh pi@ and use password 'raspberry'

Happy Hacking!

Have any questions and suggestions please comment below..

  • gabacho4

    Great resource! Followed the steps you outlined and was up and running in no time! One would think these days that it’d be a little easier to setup a device/server.

  • Farzam

    Does NOOBS 1.4.1 has default install for ssh?

    • @disqus_DIzYkzfzkQ:disqus
      Yes, ssh comes detault in NOOBS 1.4.1. However this post was done with NOOBS 1.3.10, also ssh was within it.

  • FrAnKeStEiN MC

    But how to enable ssh if it not enabled by default ?