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Setup Raspberry PI B+ without Display and Keyboard [Complete Guide]

I got my first Raspberry Pi 10 days after i ordered from ebay. I was so

How to Install μTorrent in Ubuntu | utorrent server in Linux

µTorrent is a free closed source BitTorrent client software which is owned by BitTorrent Inc. µTorrent

Boost your Android Emulator performance on linux | Speeding up Android Emulator on Ubuntu

I have started learning Android programming since 5-6 days. I am using ADT Bundle 64-bit running

Ubuntu 13.10 Laptop Overheat Problem. [Solution]

The days of summer has started here in my country and thus problems of laptop overheat

How to push realtime data to a webpage from a “server” page? [TUTORIAL]

Ever wondered how to push realtime data, notifications, alert or create any time changing event? Wondered